Connecting farmers, restaurants and food service providers.

One stop shop B2B fresh produce marketplace! Get more clients and stay more competetive!


Why FoxCrop?

  • Стиснати ръце с изображения на морков и нож

    Unlimited market reach

    Be part of a network, where the entire trading journey between you and your clients is optimised.

  • Човек пред организационна дъска

    Easy planning

    We gear you up with inovative and intuitive tools which simplify all payments, delivery planning, product management and marketing.

  • Устойство с карусел от ябълки

    Buy and Sell

    By using FoxCrop, to list your products you let restaurants and merchants to buy more, swiftly, easily and directly from you without a middleman.

  • Жена обградена от разпиляни задачи

    No more heavy admin

    We take care of all the hassle, so you can save time and focus on what's important for yourself Ordering, invoices and integrated messanger - all in one spot.


Sell more products to more clients.

Manage easily all of your products orders and invoices. Send offers directly to more and new clients, so you can sell more and plan effectively.

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A true hero in your kitchen.

Reach hundreds of quality products directly from the producer. With effective and speed delivery and only fair prices. No more mistaken orders, messed up invoices or low quality ingredients!

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How does it work?

Easier than you imagine.

Ресторантьор и производител
  • Swift and easy!

    Sign up to FoxCrop, we'll help you out with uploading your entire catalog and handling the first orders.

  • Ready for orders!

    We add all your existing suppliers and clients to your new profile so you can continue operating as before - just smoother and more effective!

  • Discover new clients!

    You decide on your prices and how to sell, boost your products and run ads!

  • Good to go!

    Now you can easily follow your orders, invoices and sell more - all from one profile.

Our Mission

is to connect food producers,restaurants food service providers and retailers, by providing them with an intelligent digital tool, which will enable free trade freely without the pressure from middlemen.

On the other hand, all other users can source the best for their clients, save time and stay competetive.

Our Partners

What's next?

for 2023

  1. Start onboarding bars and alcohol portfolios (both distributors and producers)
  2. Increasing the product range of 2500+ readily available products.
  3. Integrating smooth and modern UI with new useful features, and UX improvements
  4. Adding online payment methods and custom invoice and stock management integrations
  5. Releasing a second batch of new useful tools for all users
  6. Starting to prepare for market expansion and aintegrating marketing and promo tools

Join us and lead the change in the hospitality and agri sectors!

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